When and Why We Outsource


Clout is a small team that cares about doing a job worth doing–well and with genuine exuberance.

That’s why sometimes (not always) we outsource.

Transparency about when we do outsource has the tumultuous tendency to test a client’s trust, especially if the relationship is new. And it’s this tendency that brings us to this very moment and sentence.

Our team finds a real gift in the value of opening the lines of communication.

Here’s a little peek into three reasons when and why we outsource to our vetted and trustworthy network of freelancers:


  1. We aren’t experts in everything, and that’s a good thing

Because we’re rockstars in our lane, sometimes there are things we don’t excel at. We love bringing in experts from different parts of our field to make sure our clients are getting top-notch work in all areas of their marketing and design strategy.

We can’t do it all and find it creates a healthier work environment when we’re able to admit that fact. Our team might not be obsessive about ads, but we know someone who is. We might not be able to code an app, but we know really rad people who can.


  1. We outsource the things we know other people love to do

The final product of the work you do will inherently be at its best when you care about the task itself.

We love Instagram and content creation, but the nitty-gritty of organic growth implementation just doesn’t give us life. We can create the strategy, but ultimately, it’s easier and creates a better result when we outsource to one of our vetted experts who can dedicate their compiled time and growth-specific experience.


  1. It’s good for the community and industry

We have a vast network here in Nashville and around the world. Anytime we can outsource, we’re helping the freelance network flow. Most of us started as freelancers, so we love working with them too.

While working hard to better our skill sets personally, we thrive in finding people who are talented beyond measure and find balance where they’re at in their freelance career. So, instead of competing we choose to support and further in the industry and its resources as a whole.


We love a good freelancer–do you want to be added to our roster? Shoot us an email at hello@thisisclout.com.

Tell us why you do things the way you do by using the hashtag #WhyClout on Instagram and Facebook.


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