The Importance of People in Marketing

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“People like us do things like this.” – Seth Godin

Amongst the crafting of a grand marketing plan or a stunning, stellar new business venture it’s important to pause.

Pause and remember who you’re doing it all for. Call back to your people, your audience, your inner circle and their individual humanities.

Every morning or at least every once in a while, it’s important to remember what problem you are solving for your people. What solution do you have that they cannot live without and what tension has been created between those who have and have not taken you up on your offer?

When crafting your social media calendar, writing your latest blog post or designing another email campaign, ask yourself if this is something your inner circle needs. If it is, think how you can make it even better. If it’s not, perhaps rethink how else you can give to their lives–because if what you’re doing isn’t that, your marketing might just be more noise.

People are valuable–their capacity to influence and connect even more so. Do not waste them.

When and if you automate, communicate and reach your audience with the goal of connection, sparks of joy and longevity.

As we continue into this year, we invite you to make goals for your people. Make a list you want to see them achieve both with you and without you. Take the temperature of where you’re all headed. Find where you can jump ahead of the curve and make your paths converge in an even more impactful, dynamic way–remembering again the importance of people.

When you’re ready, once you’ve recalibrated–we’d love to continue to support you as you climb to new heights with your audience. Download our free guide to content marketing here. If you like it, we have a course you can try too! We’d absolutely love to have you.

Above all, let us know what you get up to–we want to stay in your loop! Tag us on Instagram at @thisisclout. We wish you all the best. Now go help your people thrive!

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