Let’s Kick 2018’s Sweet Honey-Bun-Butt

Letters From The Team

I’m sitting here in my backyard, most of my to-dos for the day completed. The sun is shining warming me as I sit, but the crisp fall air brings a chill that only a few weeks before wasn’t there.

I think that’s what amazes me about seasons. Sometimes they take time to adjust, like in the spring.

It’s bitter cold one day, then the next you notice instead of snow falling, it’s rain. The rain brings about the muddy gross weeks that we all dread, then the mud dries up and makes way for flowers.

However, fall is a different story. One day you’re laying out in the beautiful sunshine, on vacation, drinking a martini…then the next the brisk wind makes you get off your lounger and climb into the attic to bring out the sweaters.

It’s a normal comparison, seasons in the weather and seasons in life. How sometimes the transition is easy, and other times it is much less so. But what I appreciate about this comparison, is that the weather always shows us the next season will come. Whether we want it too or not, it will come.

Here at Clout, we’re looking towards the new year and what the next season will hold–I’m excited. All through my middle school and high school years, I would make goal sheets for the new year, big goals, small goals, I would outline the simplest steps I need to take to keep moving forward. Let me tell you, many of these ideas and goals were never brought to fruition, life will always do its own thing, but the practice of setting goals and setting my sights on expectancy helped me through the ups and downs that year held. With Clout, I can only hope to do the same thing. Set our sights high, speak positivity over our clients and our team. We were made to thrive and to help others thrive. Whatever 2019 holds for us, we’re armed to the teeth with hope.

And so, as we move into the final months of 2018 we’re giving it all we’ve got to set us up well for the goals of next year and to finish out what we wanted to do in 2018. While looking forward, we’re grounding ourselves in the reality that 2018 is not nearly over–we still have a lot we want to do and we’re guessing you do too.

So here’s our call to band together. Let’s kick the rest of 2018’s sweet honey-bun-butt. What is one goal you want to complete before the end of the year? What is that project you have yet to wrap up? What moments did this year hold that you are thankful for?

Let’s listen to each other, celebrate with one another and even call out what we need. Then, let’s enter this new season together with our hearts full and goals set even higher.

You ready? Let’s go!


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Author Megan Johnson

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