Los Angeles
Graphic Design

TOV is a brand new e-commerce company selling bottles of shampoo. They came to us as they started to kick of this brand, needing some solid package design.

TOV was a unique brand to work with as they primarily needed bottle package design, but had limited brand elements to work with. We were able to help establish a small brand identity and create assets for them to use as they continue to grow their product lines.
Packaging Design

Our team worked to clean up their logo, determined a simple set of colors and fonts to use as a brand for the project. After establishing a structure, we tested a few designs and provided the TOV team with a finalized bottle design and a design system they can use as they build out the product line.

Printing Development

Printing for brand new product lines never ceases to be an adventure. Our team worked alongside the TOV printing consultant to help select gold foil, customize the dyeline, and ensure our design systems function well through the manufacturing phases of product development.

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