Three One Three

Nashville, TN
Marketing Strategy & Design

We were hired to create and execute a brand identity that reflects a diverse, innovative space for small business owners.

Three One Three takes the co-working experience beyond creatives to other business professionals with high-speed internet, styled spaces and good coffee. We developed a strategy and brand that focuses on the art of collaboration and the importance of creativity for every company.

Every good brand starts with an effective well thought-through understanding of it’s target market. Sitting down with Three One Three’s owner we established an excellent understanding of his goals and created a brand voice & strategy that would help him reach the right people.


Business’ and people’s story don’t fit into a box – they are each unique, abstract and expressive. However, every successful entrepreneur and business owner eventually adds structure to their story and creates something presentable. Three One Three’s logo began with that tension in mind: no story fits into a box.

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