Story Grid

Book Publishing
Branding & Website Design

We were asked to create a brand that simply communicated the brilliance behind Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid technique to help authors around the world write successful novels.

Shawn Coyne created Story Grid to help authors tell stories that work. Based on 25+ years of experience working with bestselling authors that include Steven Pressfield, Bill Murray, David Mamet, Robert Crais, Scott Patterson, Robert McKee, Michael Connelly, James Bamford, Ian Rankin, Mo Hayder and scores more, the Story Grid reveals what bestselling books share in common and how professional writers write.
“From brand strategy, to website designs, to intricate posters, Megan’s creative strategy has helped us reach our target audience more effectively. She is extremely communicative, clear, and ensured that we felt confident in the work she provided.”

Tim Grahl, Marketer & Author, Story Grid - Black Irish Books -


We began with a robust understanding of Story Grid’s established market which is made up primarily of women working on their first book aged between 30 and 50 years old. It is important to build a brand that is clean, readable and straightforward in order to effectively reach this group. After studying the history of book design, we found that the first typefaces used for books were traditionally Adobe Garamond, Times New Roman or Georgia. In the final Primary Type-mark, our team incorporated a san serif modern type while intentionally adding subtle elements from the traditional typefaces with an Adobe Garamond Pro as the secondary type. For the icon mark, we settled on the simplified form of a book, with an abstract representation of the Story Grid placed upon it.

Website Design

Working closely with the Story Grid team, we created a website that beautifully showed off the many resources and subsections of the company. The blog has a robust user platform allowing writers to access information and resources throughout any stage of their career. We also were able to create the framework for their future goals to expand and create an online community and shop.
Along with standard web design, we also created custom iconography and unique page templates for marketing funnels reaching each type of marketing persona.

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