Matheny Goldmon

Architecture & Interiors
Huntsville, AL
Design & Brand Strategy

We were hired to create and execute a brand identity that reflects a diverse, customizable experience for clients seeking architecture or interior design.

Matheny Goldmon is a firm focused on the art and discipline of design, striving to enrich the quality, aesthetics, and experiences of the owners and communities they serve. We developed a strategy, brand, website and brand launch campaign that focus on an opportunity to inspire, soothe, delight, or add joy to the lives of those who encounter the buildings and spaces they help to create.
"Working with the Matheny Goldmon team was a dream. They trusted us throughout the whole process, but also confidently shared their thoughts and feedback. This synergistic relationship set the ground work for an amazing project that we are extremely proud of."

Megan Johnson, Creative Director - Clout


Every good brand starts with an effective well thought-through understanding of its target market. Sitting down with Matheny Goldmon’s owners we established an excellent understanding of their goals and created a brand voice & strategy that would help them reach the right people.


Utilizing Matheny Goldmon’s feedback, we deconstructed a first-round logo containing the company’s initials and played with the different form elements. The final icon mark confidently reflects the way the Matheny Goldmon team works with their clients’ wants, needs, and wishes to put together their unique buildings and spaces. We continued with the theme to craft a pattern, type mark and icon–then implemented the brand across their website, business cards, folders, bags, a printable pdf portfolio, stickers, etc.

Website Design

We worked to design the Matheny Goldmon website with a goal of highlighting their work in a modern, interactive way. Throughout the site, we included imagery showcasing MG projects and subtle shifts in coloration so visitors can embrace each image and unique project, one at a time.

Brand Launch Campaign

Matheny Goldmon asked us to craft a brand launch campaign culminating in a brand launch party. We crafted a strategized schedule and built out materials with the reveal date in mind. These materials included: business cards, sign designs, stickers, jackets, bags, custom folders, social media posts and social media profile graphics.

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