My Start-Up Story — By Taylor Radick

Letters From The Team

I came from the corporate world to work for the design and marketing start-up Clout in August 2017.

This is what the last year has been like for me:


Too green to the freedoms that freelance and start-up life can buy, I entered this new world with the mobility and extensibility of a fawn.

Every day terrified me.

The completion of every task seemed as if though it was to be the penultimate fruit of my entire ability set–a moment to moment determinant of whether or not I could keep my job.

I calculated every minute and hour until exhaustion and stress wore me down.

I kept pushing–my goals forward and people out.

To me, the new world I signed up for was made of eggshells upheld by insecurity and doubt (a heavy and an overly dramatic metaphor I know—sorry)

I was used to boundaries set up by an organization, not by me

which was overwhelming

and almost crushed me

yet it didn’t

—that freedom.

I didn’t before have a boss to trust and communicate with sans office politics.

Solidifying that trust almost crushed me

but we grew strong


Somehow I knew that I would stay,

that we would work out

because I got to know my leaders

and their hearts

and their faults

and their style of communication

and their flow of energy

and their reasons why.

And that, my dear friends, made all the difference

–allowing people to be people and me a person too.

Allowing growth, moment to moment, for each of us

without freaking out,

without doubting what I already knew and

understanding that people will absolutely make mistakes,

without letting any of it keep me from but instead gently guide me to where I needed and wanted to go.

Here I am

still learning

still thriving

and comfortable with the ebb and flow of

things changing even now.


Start-up life is tough.

It’s not something to play around with or enter into lightly.

It’s not a game, but we can sure make it fun

we can sure make it interesting

and I think…I think that’s what we’ve done.

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Author Taylor Radick
Alison Christy says:

I love your vulnerability and expression of adaptation to entrepreneurial boundaries!

Nonnreb Yelbom says:

For those who do not know Taylor personally – she is one of the most authentic and joyful souls that you will ever met. She makes an impact on everyone she meets. Thanks expanding your authenticity through the words written above.

Susan Burlingame says:

“Still learning still thriving and comfortable with the ebb and flow. . .” I love that!


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