The Importance of People in Marketing

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“People like us do things like this.” – Seth Godin Amongst the crafting of a grand marketing plan or a stunning, stellar new business venture it’s important to pause. Pause and remember who you’re doing it all for. Call back to your people, your audience, your inner circle and their individual humanities. Every morning or... Read more »

Cut The Overwhelm & Tackle Your Goals!

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Sometimes in the process of establishing, planning and working towards our goals, that sense of overwhelm creeps up and zaps away all of our motivation leading us away from success and veering us right into defeat. Just like how we become overwhelmed when our homes are cluttered and messy, we can have that same oppressive... Read more »

A Little Hygge For The Holidays

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Over thanksgiving while out at a Scandinavian gift shop I came across “The Little Book Of Hygge”. It was on my list of books I wanted to read and I must say, it did not disappoint. Along with being an easy read, it was fun and playful in nature. It also echoed the values I... Read more »

Let’s Kick 2018’s Sweet Honey-Bun-Butt

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I’m sitting here in my backyard, most of my to-dos for the day completed. The sun is shining warming me as I sit, but the crisp fall air brings a chill that only a few weeks before wasn’t there. I think that’s what amazes me about seasons. Sometimes they take time to adjust, like in... Read more »

When and Why We Outsource

Clout is a small team that cares about doing a job worth doing–well and with genuine exuberance. That’s why sometimes (not always) we outsource. Transparency about when we do outsource has the tumultuous tendency to test a client’s trust, especially if the relationship is new. And it’s this tendency that brings us to this very... Read more »

My Start-Up Story — By Taylor Radick

Letters From The Team
I came from the corporate world to work for the design and marketing start-up Clout in August 2017. This is what the last year has been like for me:   Too green to the freedoms that freelance and start-up life can buy, I entered this new world with the mobility and extensibility of a fawn.... Read more »

Matheny Goldmon Brand Launch

Client Work
Finally–we get to announce the launch of a new brand for our client, Matheny Goldmon Architecture + Interiors.       It’s been months of strategy sessions and digging deeper to solidify their vision for the present and future and it’s all officially out there–we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In recreating the Matheny... Read more »