A Little Hygge For The Holidays

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Over thanksgiving while out at a Scandinavian gift shop I came across “The Little Book Of Hygge”.

It was on my list of books I wanted to read and I must say, it did not disappoint. Along with being an easy read, it was fun and playful in nature. It also echoed the values I hold true as an individual.

One specific concept the small manifesto discusses, is the idea that Hygge is a wonderful, safe space for introverts. Hygge encourages cultivating cozy moments with close friends and family, which introverts can appreciate. According to a study of Danish individuals, you can best experience hygge with roughly 3-4 people with whom you invest many years, nourishing depth and intimacy. Speaking as an enneagram 4 this is totally my language!

My largest takeaway from the book was that across the world, we all desire a sense of home and a safe place. Even if the number of people in our circle with whom we experience hygge differs and the atmosphere may vary.

I know, both in my own life and in my work, I desire to help others thrive, specifically small business owners and entrepreneurs. As I think over this manifesto and match it up with other studies and experiences, I believe we have an important job as business owners to craft safe communities and establish healthy boundaries so lifestyles like Hygge can be experienced. I would argue it is crucial to thriving. Hygge encapsulates the need for work/life balance and why so many of us are on this elusive search for meaning. We need our safe havens, we need our people, we need practices like Hygge.

As we grow and understand our values (both personal and business) and build our companies around our values, we can not only build a life that provides us and our audience with Hygge, but we can truly act with authenticity and confidence in our roles.

We can balance the crazy pace of life and work and thrive day-to-day as business owners. Today I’m taking another step towards thriving by adding a little more Hygge.

In authenticity,


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